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Spa Manager

This course is for people who specifically want to move towards management and operations management in the urban or hotel spa sector. The course can be accessed after level 3 training (BTS or DUT) which included supervision and management.

The next Spa Operations Manager training sessions

Session 1 : 02/10/2017
Session 2 : 05/03/2018

17-week course, then 8 weeks of workplace training within a company


The Spa Operations Manager course offered by Elégance Spa Academy trains people qualified for:
- Supervising a team of Spa Practitioners;
- Managing the operation of a spa;
- Sustainably and responsibly developing the activity.

This course is for people who specifically want to move towards management and operations management in the urban or hotel spa sector. The course can be accessed after level 3 training (BTS or DUT) which included supervision and management.

Elégance Spa Academy has a training room that is specially dedicate to the Spa Manager (Spa Operations Manager) course, with computers with Internet access along with specialised spa management network software. This room is both a training room and a personal work space.

This course lasts for 25 weeks, divided into 2 stages:17 weeks at the Elégance site, in a training room and workplace sessions in the spa with continuous assessment; then 8 weeks workplace training with a company in France or abroad, where we place you and during which you can develop your skills in a real work environment.
Depending on your personal situation, the course can be followed all at once, or separated by modules.

Depending on each person’s career choice and the expectations of the company itself, the type of jobs obtained by people who have taken this course can be:
- Spa Manager,
-Assistant Spa Manager,
- Spa Manager/Spa Practitioner, for people who have previously undergone Spa Practitioner training or who have the appropriate professional experience.

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100% of people trained by Elégance Spa Academy obtain employment in the spa sector as soon as they have completed their training.

The workplace training Spa: A real working environment throughout the training course
Elégance Spa Academy has its own workplace training Spa, open to outside clients, including rotating teams of Spa Practitioners, client management, payment collection, laundry management, stock management, external and internal marketing operations, treatment menu development... in which each trainee Spa Manager is in a real “work experience” situation for all the subjects taught. The whole course is continuously supervised by the Elégance Spa Academy trainers and managers.

The training programme
The content of the training course is organised into modules, which firstly include a high-level course in each of the taught subjects, given by experts in the spa sector, and secondly, considerable periods of individual work. Learning is by presentations or lectures , spread over half-days, leading to individual work, either in preparation or in practice following the presentations or lectures. The same amount of time is spent on the individual work as on the presentations or lectures themselves. Most of the course content is provided in the form of PDF files, and the work is sent electronically. The 25 weeks of the Elégance Spa Academy course are divided into 2 stages:

1/ Immersion in the practical environment of the spa
Immersion in the practical environment of the spa, and the application of the various aspects of the Spa Practitioner’s job.A future Spa Manager must know this job well, so as to better be able to coordinate and manage their teams:

By finding out about shaping in the dry area (Californian massage, using hot stones, using candles, etc.);
Wet area treatments (hammam, affusion shower, etc.);
The various sales and client relation techniques suitable for the spa environment and taught to the Spa Practitioners.

It is essential to know about the environment and the practical skills of a Spa Practitioner, but not to acquire them at the same level, because the job of a Spa Manager is not to carry out massages, but to manage a team.

2/ Managerial Part
- Supervision and management of a team of Practitioners
- The spa and its relational system
- Managing the spa’s clientele
- Sales development strategy
- Quality of the services provided to clients
- Merchandising
- The economics of well-being
- The various legal structures of companies
- The responsibilities and risks of the company
- Accounts and financial resources management
- Information and communication technologies
- Technical resources management
- Spa software management
- Spa marketing and network development

Professional experience: supervising and managing operations
The following 8 weeks will enable you, as an Assistant Spa Manager, to put into practice what you have specifically learned about management and marketing, adapted to the spa in which you have had professional experience.

It based on this experience that you will produce a professional dissertation, using a “situation-problem resolving” type of approach, relating more particularly to an area of the course (human resources, business strategy, product and equipment management, client management, marketing, etc.)This dissertation will allow the following to be assessed- Your listening and analysis abilities;
- The relevance and feasibility of the project;
- The application of what you have learned.
This dissertation will be submitted to a board mainly made up of professionals in the sector.