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CAP Beautician in 1 year

Training suitable for adults who want to retrain for the beauty and well-being sector and to do a job they are passionate about, through a short-time diploma training course.

The 1-year CAP is run from 2 and half days to 5 days a week, depending on your initial level of training and the options you choose. From September to May, Elégance’s teachers prepare you for taking the CAP Beautician-Cosmetics-Sales-Consultant, a diploma awarded by the French Ministry for Education, which takes place in June.

Workplace training course in practical beauty care: facial treatments, pedicures and foot beauty treatments, hair removal and make-up, along with a theory course: sciences applied to beauty care, design and sales.

Additional French language courses are available for non-French speakers who join this training programme.

Several specialist courses are offered in addition to the CAP so that our students can offer their future employers, and their future clients, additional services such as nail design, long-term make-up, body shaping (CAP SPE) and specific spa body shaping (CAP SPA).

This training can also be provided in the workplace, through a work experience contract over 12 months.

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