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The Elégance team: training above all!

High standards
A friendly atmosphere

The management team

Elégance Groupe and the Elégance-Gontard school in Nice are managed respectively by Jean-Eric Knecht and Stéphanie Knecht.

Stéphanie Knecht

The Elégance-Gontard school is managed by Stéphanie Knecht.
Graduating with a baccalaureate in Economics, a CAP in Beauty Care and a BTS in Beauty Care from the École Gontard, Stéphanie then widened her knowledge and practical experience as a professional make-up artist in numerous photographic studio sessions, films and fashion shows on both a national and international level.
At the same time, Stéphanie created and managed a hairdressing and beauty care centre named “Elégance”, which enabled her to gain real practical experience in the professional beauty sector. She joined the Gontard cosmetics school as a teacher, and became well-known as an accredited demonstrator-trainer at the Laboratoire Héliabrine, part of the Asepta group, managed by Georges and François Mas. In 2000 she passed the professional competence examination in Beauty Care and Cosmetics, and in September of the same year, she joined the Gontard School with Jean-Eric Knecht.

Jean-Eric Knecht

Jean-Eric Knecht is Chairman of Elégance Groupe and Deputy Director of the Elégance-Gontard school.
Holder of a Master’s degree in Biochemistry, Jean-Eric Knecht became a full-time teacher for the French Ministry of Education, teaching mathematics along with physical and chemical sciences at vocational secondary schools. Becoming involved in active teaching methods, Jean-Eric developed a profound practical experience based on mostly theoretical research on “multi-disciplinary” teaching, which means combining several disciplines on the same “principles”, or work “methods” that can be acquired by the pupils. From 1996 he was a trainer at the IUFM in Nice on the maths and sciences PLP courses. He then became responsible for all of these courses for the technical and educational training of newly qualified teachers for the French Ministry of Education.

The synergy of the skills acquired by Stéphanie and Jean-Eric Knecht, along with those of every teacher of the school’s educational team, give Elégance-Gontard its effective performance in practical vocational training, as well as in preparatory studies for national diplomas.

The educational team

There is a great stability in the schools educational teams, which provide it with an optimum efficiency in teaching. The educational teams are constantly undergoing continuous training, mainly through meetings run by Stéphanie and Jean-Eric Knecht, who was formerly head of educational training at the IUFM in Nice.

The teachers practice active teaching methods, based on the students working in a professional situation, which means they are able to identify and understand the ideas taught to them.

Regular meetings enable the progress programmed into each subject to be brought up to the same level, consistent with the teaching given at the same time in the other subjects. These meetings are also the opportunity to update the progress made by each student, showing them their strong points or weaknesses, without having to wait for the end-of-term report. Supervision is therefore very accurate and efficient.

More generally, everything is done to help the students with any difficulties they may encounter, whether it is after school, during the holidays, etc. And in exchange, each student is expected to work diligently and consistently.

So, the general spirit and atmosphere of the Elégance-Gontard school can be summed up in three words: high standards and conviviality.

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