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Why choose Elégance?

The core of Elégance’s teaching methods is to put students in real situations all through their course, which enables them to reach a very high level of professionalism as soon as they complete their training.
The network, presence and involvement of Elégance within the same professional fabric provides a real guarantee of employment and a career. To be trained within this network gives you a real “professional passport to employment”.

The methodology, teaching methods and professionalism of the Elégance Spa & Beauty Academies is based on a two-fold approach: developing professional skills and putting them to use straight away, so as to be able to master every aspect of your chosen workplace.

The combination of our practical professional experience and our active involvement with applied educational research groups has enabled us to create a totally innovative and extremely effective teaching method. Our philosophy is grounded in sharing values such as a taste for hard work, setting your own high standards, the satisfaction in a job well done and an honest relationship with other people and with the client.

Situated learning

Or how to achieve a very high level of professionalism as soon as you complete your training.

Just like the Elégance-Gontard school in Nice, with its wide experience of over 45 years teaching in the Beauty and Well-Being sector, all our Elégance Spa & Beauty Academies teach their courses based in real, practical professional spaces: real beauty care institutes and real spas, open to the public.

This real workplace training throughout the course, supervised by professional trainers, and monitoring the progress of each student in the programmes, enables a very high level of professionalism to be reached as soon as the training has been completed.

So we have created a process that could be called “integrated workplace training.” In practical terms, this means that each student has actual contact with clients, in a very high quality professional environment, throughout their training. And even better, the students are supervised there by their trainers, and they benefit from a daily debriefing on what happened during that day.

So all our training courses are built and organised around the professional application and experience that each student can take from it. The richness of this process is enhanced even more by the fact that in our establishments the speed and content is completely matched with firstly what is taught, and secondly, what is “applied”. This is something that is almost impossible to do in a standard workplace training course.

All our teachers are trained and experienced in what can be called “situated learning”, or “active learning”, and at the same time remain professionals working outside education. They practice, run, supervise, manage...And continue to carry out the jobs for which we are preparing our students. The dialogue is therefore continuous and particularly rich between the teachers and the students, who both rapidly and sustainably acquire their know-how.

Our students enter numerous professional competitions and win many prizes: Beauty Care Schools Trophy 2002/2003/2004/2005, Best Apprentice in France 2013/2014/2015, and Best Spa Practitioner in France 2015...

Professional involvement

Or how the presence of Elégance “in the field” is a guarantee for employment and a career.

Elégance has owned and operated a beauty institute and hairdressing salon for over 30 years, which means that its original activity is at the core of the same professional fabric.

Elégance has taken, and continues to take, an active part in all meetings, conferences and symposiums, both nationally and internationally, in the Spa, Well-Being and Beauty sector.

Via its Audit & Concept entity, Elégance Spa & Beauty remains in complete touch with the professional sector and its developments. Elégance opens spas and beauty institutes in France and abroad, and carries out audits at all levels so that it can very finely analyse ways for improving or optimising its well-being centres.

And the major additional strength of Elégance Spa & beauty is that it also operates its own Spa and Beauty centres: this corresponds to the creation of more than 15 teams per year since 2005, more than 35,000 services provided per year, along with everything that involves the operations: design, organisation, operation, marketing, monitoring customer satisfaction, launching treatments or massages and products, as well as creating and supervising marketing plans.

This presence in the field alongside the professionals in the Spa and Beauty sector, and this involvement in the creation and development of the sector has enabled Elégance to develop a very wide professional network both in France and abroad.

This enables Elégance Spa & Beauty to not only provide its students with workplace training as part of their studies but also to push them onto the job market with a real recognition of the skills they have acquired.

In 2004 Elégance Spa & Beauty created the very first Spa training course, as well as the name of the position, for a “Spa Practitioner”, then the very first Spa Academy in Europe, which opened in Nice in 2005, the independent “Spa Practitioner” level 4 Diploma (baccalaureate level), approved by the French government in March 2009 (this not a specialist beauty care diploma, but a completely separate diploma that does not require any previous qualifications).

Then Elégance developed the whole job sector with the “Spa Operations Manager” level 3 (professional degree level), and “General Spa Manager” level 2 (Master’s level).

The Elégance Spa & Beauty network is also very involved in the training process on an international scale, in particular with professionals in Japan, where it has a representative office, but also in Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic countries, Byelorussia, Spain, Greece, Morocco, Italy, Thailand, United States...

Finally, Elégance Spa & Beauty is involved in all the standards procedures in the Spa & Beauty sectors. For two years, Jean-Eric Knecht, Chairman of Elégance Groupe, chaired the French national commission, AFNOR, in the creation of a French standard for Spas and Well-Being, and he is the Co-Chairman of the international working group for creating an international ISO standard for Spa and Well-Being, alongside the Thai Minister for Tourism. He is also a member of the “Global Spa and Wellness Summit”, a global annual summit for stakeholders in the Spa and Well-Being sector, Chairman of the French Federation of Spa operators affiliated to the CNAIB (the French National Confederation of Beauty Institutes)...

To sum up, the “Elégance Spa & Beauty Academies” network is nowadays a sure asset of the professional sector, recognised by all the professional stakeholders in France and abroad, a guarantee for employment and for building a career. To be trained within this network gives you a real “professional passport to employment”.